About Nick

painting hand Nick Lawrence has been tattooing and painting since September, 2003. Although Nick didn't receive any formal art instruction through a university, or art institution, however he worked closely under his mentor, Josh Nelson, and a number of close peers. Nick continues to utilize his colleagues for consultation with regards to his art as well as for collaboration projects.

Nick initially started painting with acrylics and watercolor pigments. However in the last 5 years he discovered a new love for oils, due to the versatility and richness of the medium.
Nick try’s to speak about injustice, love, compassion and awareness of self through his work. Nick is inspired by his love for nature, mysticism, and perceptions of human consciousness and experience.

Through his art, he strives to elevate himself as well those around him. Nick is committed to remain firmly grounded in his efforts to raise awareness of the infinite possibilities of the human race.
Nick intends to continue to exercise his imagination through various mediums of art. Nick is always striving to become a stronger and more rounded artist. He will continue to be inspired by his family, colleagues and the world at large, and looks forward to exploring new directions in his artist process.

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